Toil Tales

Moving some materials in my studio today, I came across a portfolio stuffed with a variety of figure drawings. Looking at them now--some done years ago, I remember that each of the drawings was done for a reason, or I suspect that these particular drawings escaped the culling of numerous studio moves because they weren't examples of just the repetitive toil of figure drawing--they actually had something to say.

The 2 above are both Italian girls, one in studio and the other a finished piece inspired by a quick sketchbook drawing. There is something about Florence that brings out the cross hatch in you (especially if you sit indoors slavishly drawing freckles), don't miss the cobbled streets alive with the ink slashes and swirls of ragazzi e ragazze.

Drawing is active experimentation, creative problem solving and risk taking that should be running kicking and screaming from convention, technique and mastery. The problem with figure drawing is that conventions, technique and mastery become the ONE answer to a question that isn't even done being asked.