The Wolf that Cried Boy

Go see the film, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a Werner Herzog documentary featuring 32,000 year old cave drawings, or this We can only guess why ancient peoples climbed into the depths of caves and marked the walls with powerful drawings of animals, birds and insects. They left behind their handprints as well, which from our vantage point we might guess 'signature' or authorship?

Being dragged into this cave by Herzog was a welcome respite from sitting in front of (or beside and under) a computer screen, as much of my work life is now connected to the computer. These writhing and detailed drawings reminded me of how much we need to contact and connect to our world through our physical bodies to inform our ideas and our expression. My ears are still ringing with all of the online clatter about brands, social marketing, crowd sourcing, triggers, influencers and my ultimate favourite--'determining your FASCINATION score.'

What if all this online howling doesn't lead to us being 'fascinating'? What do we do then? The cave artists had the answer a couple of years back. Connect to your world with meaning and reach out and touch the solid wall of the 'real' with your entire hand and not just the 2 fingers you use to swipe or wipe with.