The Brain Formula

 I have complained in an earlier post that visual language has been ill served by a primary and secondary school educational environment that values the literal and the literary. But where does one go to repair your visual self. Evidently into the waiting arms of an expert who can neatly sum up a series of exercises, steps, activities or techniques that will make you a whole brain thinker, a change agent or for FREE--measure your creativity.

The Left Brain/Right Brain fairytale as told by Betty Edwards in her book, Drawing on the Right side of the Brain, has cute talking hemispheres and pseudo-scientific jargon that misidentifies the problems of a failing educational system as an issue of our split brains. I suggest a reading of Norman Doidge's book, The Brain That Changes Itself--on the amazing neuroplasticity of our brains as an antidote.

Schools teach reading, writing, math, science and many teach music, but where is drawing--actually teaching it. I think it is a fundamental communication tool that could make school more relevant. We teach literary tropes and metaphor but we ignore the power of interpreting our world from perception to conception to realization. Now there's a sense of accomplishment a kid could build upon.