Raw vs. Cooked

A sketchbook can be a wonderful tool, and it is a tool that should serve a purpose. I have sketchbooks filled with writing, filled with figure drawings, filled with cityscapes, sketchbooks used on travels, used for assignments and for paintings. Each of these sketchbooks supported and recorded the time and place of my thinking and picture making. The examples I show above are from an older sketchbook used while I was developing paintings for an exhibition--what I would call 'raw' sketches and a recent page from my current sketchbook---the seriously cooked. 

The difference in these pages is not just the obvious difference in time spent, but rather that the most recent sketchbook has become a project in itself. These drawings aren't steps leading to a painting but the continued exploration of an experiment with image and text that is now 3 years and 7 sketchbooks long. I should have titled this Raw vs. Cooking as sketchbook 8 in this series will be simmering soon.