My Guru

Losing my religion, finding my guru. Your results may vary.
Ah, the damn fine print. As organized religions have continued to lose their influence in North America, a new and shiny faith is taking hold. A faith based on the same narrative as the 'old' religions but with one distinct difference. The protagonist of our new stories are us. We no longer 'give it up' for God, rather we self actualize and empower ourselves. Sounds good.
But the road to hell is paved with snake oil salesmen leaving us skeptics sitting on the church steps pouring our acai berry smoothie down the sewer. If we can remember that we are just visiting on this lovely planet for a short time and it is even in our self interest that the world is improved by our presence. Who knows maybe those crazy reincarnation people are right and you are toying with your karma. Hmmm.